Barbi Zambrano

I got into running when I first started law school ten years ago.  People told me that I had to be disciplined, and that my first year would be difficult and miserable.  I decided that I would do something that would keep me home on Friday nights, keep me healthy, and give me a new goal during a challenging time.  Since then, I have run nineteen half marathons and too many 5K’s to count.  I became an assistant half marathon coach for Miami Fit, the Miami chapter of USA Fit, after my first season as a trainee and trained others as a coach for seven years.  After moving to Palm Beach in 2015, I set some more goals to complete the Florida Storm Series and finally run my first full marathon.  I ran the Miami Marathon in January 2016 to fulfill a lifelong dream, and also because I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to launching USA Fit Palm Beach in the fall of 2016.

Why set up USA Fit Palm Beach after only living here a year?  Well, I moved to Downtown West Palm Beach last April and trained for the Eau Palm Beach Half Marathon by myself.  It was a lonely time as a new resident in a new city, but running gave me an opportunity to strengthen my mind & body, get to know myself, and pursue my passions.  Running in beautiful Palm Beach has brought me joy, and I want to bring the running joy to other people who want to train for a half marathon, but don’t want to necessarily go at it alone.  USA Fit is the perfect solution, and it will be a great fit for a vibrant downtown community.  I’m looking forward to guiding YOU and spreading the running love as you take this journey to your first or fifteenth half marathon.